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Science and Technology

If you need more help with the detail technical aspects of your idea then you can join the Advice Service to get expert technical advice after you submit an idea to the Discovery Service.

If you would like to understand the Science behind some of the inventions that we see often, including an explanation of why Perpetual Motion Machines can't work, then visit our Science page.
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Designs and Prototypes

We can help with producing designs and  prototypes and giving your ideas a three dimensional reality. It may be that you just need drawings to show a potential investor or perhaps you need to produce a prototype to prove a concept. The Enterprise Service offers a number of solutions like this.

We can make prototypes to demonstrate ideas to potential manufacturers and investors. If you just need a model of your idea we can produce 3D drawings for you.

Prototypes can be software or hardware or a mixture of the two. We can make web based applications, electronic circuits, or mechanical devices. For product ideas we recommend using 3D printing (Stereo Lithography) as a quick and easy way to check out the appearance of an idea.

We believe that we offer cost-effective solutions but making prototypes can require significant expenditure. We strongly recommend putting any idea through our Discovery Process to ensure that time and money is not being wasted on an idea that already exists. We will not take on major projects unless they have been through this process to avoid possible conflicts of interest.

The Enterprise Service is free to join. Just download any of our free Inventor Packs and you are automatically enrolled in the service. Once you have joined you can see what technology services we offer in more detail. You can also subscribe to the Advice Service after you submit an idea to the Discovery Service. The Advice Service is a service that gives you access to confidential expert advice about your idea. To find out more about the Advice Service please click here.

Developing Your Idea

We can help you develop a new idea by researching the technology and any competing products that may already be on the market.
If you would like to know more about the science of machines, especially the use of energy then please visit our Science Page