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 Route to Market Services
Over many years we have developed a lot of expertise in getting companies interested in new ideas. We have collected these skills into a number of economic Route to Market services.

Key factors in getting the interest of a company in a new idea are that the idea should be technically sound and protectable by some form of intellectual property protection. Therefore these services can only be used for ideas that have passed the checks of our Discovery Service and been confirmed as technically viable and likely to be profitable.

The first part of the service is a review of the idea followed by a recommendation about the best way of making money from the idea.

Our Discovery Service will make a general recommendation but this service will produce a specific plan of action tailored to the idea. Please note that some of the Market Information that we provide under this service may be commercially sensitive to the companies concerned and there are specific terms and conditions associated with this service that may restrict what you can do with the information that we provide.

For ideas that could be licensed we will identify those companies that in our opinion and experience are likely to be interested in the idea. If the idea is more appropriate to forming a company around the idea we will set out the steps necessary and the costs involved. This course of action is likely to be necessary if external funding, for example Business Angel funding or Crowd Funding is needed.

We may recommend that the market for the idea is not large enough to warrant forming a company but there could be profitable sales for a "Cottage Industry" approach. This might involve arranging small-scale manufacture and selling the product through online services such as eBay, Amazon Shops or a web site set up for the purpose.

The cost of implementing the plan is of course highly dependent on the product or idea. However we do offer a fixed price service for finding potential partners to license the idea. Find out more about our Product Presentation service.

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