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 - Keep the idea a secret - we can help with advice and free confidentiality agreements.

 - Check that it really is new - we can research your idea and confirm it.

 - Check that it works - we can give you technical advice.

 - Protect the idea from being copied - we can tell you the best way of doing that.

 - Find the best Route to Market - We can help with Market Advice and Support

The first step is to register for our free online services. You can get more advice online and download confidentiality agreements if you need to discuss your idea with anyone else. There is a free Patent Search tool that lets you search our own and the worldwide patent database. You get lots of free help and there is no obligation. Your idea always remains your own.

When you are ready you can create a description of your idea and upload drawings and pictures as well. Of course you can always send in ideas by post or email.

When you register for the online service we will automatically send you a pack including a copy of our own non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We will also send you a complete pack by post.

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Our Services can Help You Develop a Great Idea
This is what to do next: 

Protecting Your Idea

For a manufacturer or investor to be interested in an idea they need to be convinced that their investment will be secure. So they need to know that no one is going to be able to copy the idea and take the market away from them. We explain how to do this below and you can click on the links in the text for a more detailed explanation. To return here just click the return arrow button in the top right corner of the page.

The way to protect an idea is to get Intellectual Property Protection or IPR. The kind of protection that is suitable depends on the idea and we explain this on our Intellectual Property Page. For machines or gadgets then the most important type of protection is a Patent. For decorative items like furniture or clothes it is a Registered Design and for written works like books and software it is Copyright. We can show you how to get this protection. Brand Names are protected by Trade Marks.

The Discovery Process

The first step is to check that your idea is new. Of course everyone likes to believe that they have come up with something original. But the world is a big place and patents are filed in almost every country on the world. It can be an expensive mistake to assume that no one else has thought of your idea. Apart from any financial loss you could be wasting time on an idea that can't be exploited. If you find out early you can work on a better idea that can be successful

Our Discovery Service checks for relevant patents with a Worldwide Patent Search and produces a report listing the ones that are most relevant. The next step is to check that the idea will work technically and if that checks out then we can consider the commercial prospects.

Of course predicting whether someone is going to buy a product or service based on an idea is extremely difficult, but we can give our commercial opinion based on our long experience.

Getting Started

Subscribe to our Discovery Review Service and as well as the services described above you are automatically enrolled in our Enterprise Service which gives you access to more advice and useful documents.

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There is no charge to get the pack or join the Enterprise Service. The pack contains a Confidentiality Agreement already signed by us to make sure that the idea always remains yours and is kept secret. You can pay by cheque, credit card or PayPal.

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