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Funding Inventions
There are many ways of funding ideas and inventions. TBB has raised money from Government Grants, Shareholders, Business Angels and Loans. Our Discovery Service is the starting point for funding inventions by checking the technical and commercial risks in the idea. Any investor will need to know that the idea works and can be protected. Get our Discovery Pack to find out more.

TBB cannot provide you with financial advice, but we can explain how different types of funding are appropriate to different stages of development and the risks involved. The three main stages of a development are about;

Technical Risk

The issues here are about such things as deciding that the idea will actually work and that it can be protected in some way. The Discovery Service from TBB addresses these issues and confirms that the idea can be protected and that it will work. To find out more get the free Discovery Pack.

Most inventions in this phase are supported using personal funds or 'Friends and Family'. A Business Angel or very early stage investor may provide funding at this stage but they will want a large share in the idea to compensate them for the risk. Commercial investors such as Venture Capitalists will never take on early stage technical risks.

TBB can help with a year's free advice and guidance as part of our Advice Service. If you submit an idea to the Discovery Service you are automatically enrolled in the Advice Service. Get the Discovery Pack to find out more.

Commercial Risk

Commercial risk is about demonstrating that there is a market for the idea. This means finding some proof that someone is prepared to pay for a product or service based on the idea at a price that delivers a reasonable profit. This might take the form of a licence agreement with a manufacturer or initial sales for the product. TBB can give you an opinion on whether the idea is commercially viable if you submit your idea using our Discovery Pack.

At this stage some additional funding is required to buy samples and pay for initial marketing and sales activities. Business Angel funding and/or Government Grants may be available for this stage. It is probably still too early for Commercial Investors but it may be possible to raise funding by selling shares in a company formed to exploit the idea. Starting a company means that money will be needed to pay for other things like basic accounting and legal fees. VAT registration may help with cash flow. TBB can provide all these services at a minimum cost. This stage ends when you have established a regular revenue stream.

Financial Risk

Financial risk is about making sure that there is enough cash available to grow the business quickly enough to capture a significant market share for the idea. Expanding too fast so you run out of cash can be as bad as expanding too slowly and missing the market. For products that have demonstrated their commercial viability larger scale funding may be available from Venture Capitalists or by raising money by selling shares to the public. To do this you will need a well prepared Business Plan that can explain clearly to an investor what are the risks and benefits. TBB has formed a number of spin-off companies and understands the issues involved. Start the process with our Discovery Pack.
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