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Shareholder Information 
Trevor Baylis Brands plc was incorporated in September 2002 to provide idea filtration and route-to-market services for inventors and innovators thus acting as a source of ideas and inventions for the business community. Its mission is to ensure the successful commercial exploitation of the pool of ideas and innovations that are to be found in the United Kingdom. It has implemented a business model that combines a structured filtering mechanism for new ideas with the widely recognised Baylis brand so as to create profitable relationships between inventors and the business community.

This enables profitable relationships to be formed between inventors and a network of industrial and commercial counterparties who provide the commercial evaluation and exploitation of ideas. The filtration system also produces a regular flow of ideas that may be suitable for Newco formation in which the Company may invest.

The latest Shareholder information including the Chairmans Report and the Audited Accounts can be downloaded in pdf format by clicking here Report and Accounts

If you are a shareholder and wish to receive information from the company electronically please click here to send an email confirming your name and address and and the email address to which you would like us to send the information. If you still wish to receive communications by post then please write to the address below stating your wishes. Please note that we shall not normally be sending any further postal communications unless they are specifically requested.

Head Office

Trevor Baylis Brands plc
The Enterprise Centre (West Wing)
Spelthorne Borough Civic Offices
Knowle Green, Staines
Middlesex TW18 1XB

T: 01784 737050
W: http://www.trevorbaylisbrands.com

President:   Trevor Baylis CBE
Chief-Executive Officer:   Mr. D. Bunting 
Director:   Mr M.A.Rowbory
Non-Executive Chairman:
   Mr. A. Hindley
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Share Fraud Warning

Shareholders should be aware that they may be approached by companies offering to purchase or transfer their shares at an unusually high valuation. Such a request may be accompanied by official looking documentation. The nature of the fraud is that the people involved request advance payment of "Transfer Insurance Premiums" or "Transaction Charges". Needless to say that following such advance payments no payment for shares is likely to appear. If in any doubt please call our office on 01784 737050.