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About Us
More recently TBB has expanded its portfolio of services to help individuals and businesses at all stages of development. At the core of our business model is the Enterprise Service which provides a framework for developing ideas into successful enterprises. It starts with the Discovery Service that reviews ideas and reports on what is needed to take it further.

Whether it is a simple prototype or an international marketing agreement we have experts that can help with advice and support.

 Key Facts

  • Trevor Baylis Brands (TBB) was formed in 2003 to provide a source of help and advice to Inventors and Entrepreneurs.
  • Since then over 9,000 people have subscribed to its services and received valuable advice about their ideas and help with developing them.
  • TBB has made a major contribution to the development of British Standards 8538 relating to this type of activity and works closely with other organisations to uphold these standards
  • TBB has started a number of spin off companies which are now starting to develop in their own right and TBB has equity stakes in these companies.
  • Despite the extremely difficult trading conditions of the last few years TBB has survived and maintained its level of service.
  • TBB has recently launched a new service call the Enterprise Service to help people develop business ideas
  • TBB believes strongly that success comes from clearly identifying and addressing the strengths and weaknesses of an idea right at the outset and calls this the Discovery Process
  • TBB is now providing support not just to lone entrepreneurs but also to larger companies to help them focus their technical and marketing efforts effectively
  • New services are in the pipeline for this web site to satisfy the expected demand
  • TBB expects that as the economy turns to growth there will be an increasing demand for the services that it offers

To find out more about the Enterprise Service please click here. To find out more about other aspects of our business please click on the links above.

Running like ClockworkTrevor Baylis Brands plc was originally set up to help inventors who were struggling to develop and protect their ideas. Since then TBB has helped over 9,000 inventors and entrepreneurs and launched several spin-off companies.

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