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Innovation Masterclass Workshops

The Innovators WorkshopTogether with our associate company Design 2 Market we hold regular Innovation Workshops in London

This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to develop new ideas and inventions. You will hear from a range of expert speakers who will be talking on essential topics. A typical Workshop Agenda is:

The Innovation Process
The World of Intellectual Property
Sourcing a Manufacturer
Product Sales

You also have the opportunity for confidential one-to-one discussions with the many experts who will be there.

Places are limited so please register your interest now to secure your place. You get to meet a panel of industry experts with years of experience and extensive knowledge of the idea-to-product journey.

Please enter your details using the registration link below and we will contact you with details of the next workshop. Registering does not commit you now.

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masterclass workshop
The workshops are held monthly from 6pm to 9:30pm at the offices of Kilburn & Strode LLP,84 Theobolds Road, London WC1X 8NL

The programme and speakers for a recent event is shown below. It was a very popular event and a typical comment from the attendees was; "I have learned more about getting ideas to market here in a couple of hours than I have picked up in years of trying to do it on my own".

russ cohenRuss’s Seminar – Sourcing a good manufacturer that can produce excellent quality products in China is highly possible, I’ve been doing it for many years!, but you do need to be careful, plan your project well and set out from the beginning with a considered and deliberate approach. In this seminar I will share some of the top tips I have picked up over the last twenty years and also divulge insider knowledge to inform your journey and improve your chances of success.

Russ Cohen has lived in South East Asia since 2000, working in Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Quality and Logistics for Raw Material Supply businesses and Brands such as Maclaren and Crumpler. He currently heads up Manufacturing Services Agency providing support for small to medium size businesses for manufacturing in Greater China and South East Asia.

edward thienEdward’s Seminar – The five W’s of intellectual property- an opportunity to learn from real-life business case studies which could apply to your own situation. Hear about the value of protecting your ideas; how to go about protecting them successfully and how protecting your ideas can actually make money rather than cost you money.

Edward Thien is a European and UK Patent Attorney. He has handled patent applications in a wide variety of technological areas including medical devices, mass spectrometry, automotive, printers, projectors, semiconductors and materials. Edward also has experience in advising clients on freedom to operate issues; defending patents from opposition at the European Patent Office and advising on registered design protection.

nick christieNick’s Seminar – Discover how to move from product manufacture to selling your products to the retail market and maximising sell through to consumers. Topics include: Pricing products correct; choosing which retail channels to target; how distributors work; social media, PR and Trade shows and selling on Amazon.

Nick Christie has 20 years’ worth of experience of selling innovative products into both the UK and international retail markets including high street names such as Tesco, ASDA-Walmart, WH Smith, Amazon, Sainsbury’s, Toys R Us, Halfords, Wilkinson and Morrisons. Nick’s vast sales and marketing experience also expands to successfully selling through TV shopping channels, online retailers, in gift catalogues/mail order and also onboard airlines. His agency, Jump7, support numerous product brands to market and sell their product in the UK and internationally.

phil stauntonPhil’s Seminar – Explore the various options available to entrepreneurs trying to fund the process of taking an idea to market. Topics will include: grant funding; pitching to investors; creating an investment case and an overview of other funding opportunities.

Phil Staunton has over 10 years experience of supporting start-up businesses and SMEs develop and launch innovative, new products onto the market. Phil now specialises in strategic planning of product development to minimise risk and therefore maximise the chances of success. Phil was a key part of the journey of Omnio from initial sketch to established business being valued at over £2 million with product sold globally and multiple business and innovation awards.

richard chapmanRichard’s Seminar – Drawing on his own experience of launching Mesto (an innovative kitchen product) Richard will explain crowdfunding from start through to fully funded on Kickstarter. Understand the different platforms available, how it works, what doesn’t work and what are the key essentials to successfully raising the money that you need to manufacture your product.

Richard Chapman graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2013 with first class honours in Product Design. He was shortlisted for the Design Council’s Future Pioneer Award at the annual New Designers show in London. As one of the core team at D2M, Richard has worked on multiple design projects with entrepreneurs from camera equipment to in-ear speakers and even a baby buggy.

david buntingDavid’s Seminar – Developing an idea is an extensive and involved process and it is always best to fully assess a concept before you proceed with designing, prototyping and patenting your concept. This seminar will take you through how David evaluates concepts in the early stages drawing on his vast knowledge of supporting thousands of inventors over many years.

David Bunting is Chief Executive of Trevor Baylis Brands plc, a company that provides a variety of services for Inventors predominantly around IP. David is an Engineer, Fellow of the IET and a European Chartered Engineer. He has over forty years’ experience in senior positions in industry working with such companies as GEC, EDS, and France Telecom. His experience includes High-technology Research and Development, Sales and Marketing, and Finance.