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Patent Search Details

A Granted Patent gives the owner the right to sell products based on the idea for 20 years. The details of all published patents are kept in a  searchable database. A patent search looks through this database for similar ideas and compares them with your new idea. The results are the patents that are found, or a confirmation that no similar patents exist.

You cannot patent an idea if it already exists anywhere in the world already so it is important to find out the facts before you go ahead with your idea.

When a patent application is submitted in a country it is eventually published in an online database. This is true for all commercially important countries. We search all these publications worldwide to look for similar ideas.

Although this information is publicly available it requires considerable skill to search it effectively. This is because the idea may not be called the same thing or it may be described in quite different ways. Of course many of the patents will be in a foreign language. To see a typical Patent Application click here.

Although the description of the idea is important the key part of a patent is the claims for the invention. These describe in technical language how the idea works. The content of these claims is what really matters when an idea is being researched.

It is also important to look at the references quoted by the official patent examiner. These may point to other ideas that are even more relevant to the idea under consideration.

Even if your idea is unique or you already have a patent it is important to know what similar products and patented ideas are already in the market. If there is a very similar patented product that already meets the market need then it may be very difficult and expensive commercially to replace it with a new product. 
How do I get a Patent Search?
Our service includes a worldwide patent search and you can get one by completing the simple forms in our Discovery Pack by clicking the Free Pack button at the top of this page.  To find out more about our Patent Search Service click here.