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Patent Searches

Worldwide Patent SearchBefore starting to develop a new idea it is vital to make sure that it is really new. It may be disappointing to discover that it isn't, but imagine how much more disappointing it would be to find out after you have spent months of time and a lot of money developing it.
We can research your idea and provide you with a detailed report  that includes any relevant patents or products that we find. Armed with this information you can improve or adapt your own ideas to increase their chances of success.

We provide a complete Worldwide Patent Search and Report as part of our Discovery Service. We also provide a free Patent Search App that you can use when you register for the Discovery Service. It's free to register so why not search for your idea now.
The Discovery Service also includes technical help if you need it and advice on the best way of protecting your idea. As well as patents you may also be able to use Registered Designs and Registered Trade Marks to protect your idea.

You only need to provide a simple description of your idea and we will do the rest.
We don't need detailed drawings or a prototype. We will also undertake a Registered Design Search if that is relevant to your idea.
Just click here to register online. There is no charge for downloading the Discovery Pack and it includes our Non-Disclosure Agreement to make sure that your idea stays confidential. You also get access to our free online services.

This is what we will do for you with our Discovery Service:

- We research the UK and Worldwide Patent Databases to check out Your Idea

- We deliver a bound report that includes printouts of any relevant patents or products that we find

- You can use this report to improve your idea or change the design after looking at similar ideas

- Just click here to get the forms you need.

Why is a Patent Search Important?

If you would like to find out more about Patents and why they are important please see our Patents Page.
A new patent cannot be granted if the idea or product already exists anywhere in the world. Therefore it is very important to try and find out if the idea has already been patented or already exists as a product. It is also important to know if patents exist for the idea because if they do you cannot sell a product based on that idea unless you get a licence from the patent holder. So if you are setting up a business or developing a product you risk being sued by the patent holder. Not only will you have wasted a lot of time and money you also risk having to pay damages. For more about Patent Searches see Patent Search Details. To find out more about patents and what ideas can be patented see our Patents Page.

You need to have all the facts before you start developing your idea to make sure that it is going to be a success so get started by getting the Discovery Pack .