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The Patent Office

The Patent Office is responsible for managing all the Intellectual Property registrations in the UK. Another name for the Patent Office is the Intellectual Property Office or IPO.

Patent Office Guides and Forms

The IPO issues Patents, Registered Designs, and Trade Marks.

To protect your idea or invention you need to apply to the Patent Office for one of more of these things.

Patent Application Forms

Patents protect how things work, Registered Designs protect what they look like and Trade Marks protect what they are called. The other form of protection is Copyright but that doesn't need to be registered as it is an automatic right in the UK.

To find out more about the different types of protection please see the Intellectual Property page. To understand the steps to take to apply for a patent at the UK Patent Office please visit our Patent Process Page. To see a list of guides published by the Patent Office please click here.
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If you want to get a Patent or are considering spending money, for example on developing a prototype, then you should get a Patent Search done using our Patent Search Service as part of our Discovery Service.

This will tell you whether your idea really is new and whether you are likely to be able to get a patent.